Sweet Baby Cain

The universe has a way of bringing us into each other’s lives at just the right time. That’s how I’ve always felt about Carolyn & Canh, like we were meant to know each other.

On my way to their house the night of Cain’s birth, I was overwhelmed with the most intense feeling of love. Love for them, love for my role as their doula, and love for the baby we were about to welcome into the world. What an honor it was to be present for the birth of sweet baby Cain.

Even though it was a very fast, intense labor and birth, I was able to snap a couple great photos. Enjoy…


About douladanielle

Hi there. I'm Danielle, and I'm a San Diego-based, DONA trained doula and photographer. Thanks for stopping by!

One response to “Sweet Baby Cain

  1. Hi — I am working on a workbook for my book “Natural Hospital Birth” and I’m looking for photos of natural hospital births. Would you be willing to consider being a part of this project? I can send you my real e-mail some way if you are. My Twitter account is @thebirthmuse. Lovely, lovely birth!

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